About Mr Smedley

Men's Grooming Products

The Mr Smedley range is the brainchild of Mrs Smedley.

Some people may wonder why I, as a woman would be interested in a range of grooming products tailored to men. Often in a relationship it is the woman who shops on behalf of her partner. Some men (not all) are bewildered by the vast array of shaving and grooming products on the market. They often don't know what it is they need or want so grab the first thing they see - my Mr Smedley included.

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I'm sure many of my female friends would agree, women know exactly what it is their partner needs when it comes to shopping for men's toiletries and beard products! Hopefully we have taken the hard work out of making those decisions for you by providing you with a selection of beard oils and other male grooming products.

Our aim is to offer as many high quality, value for money hair care and male grooming products as possible, to help you achieve excellent results. We are so excited to bring you a range of luxury items such as beard oils, aftershaves, moisturising balms and shampoo to name but a few.

All of our items have been exclusively sourced for not only their fine quality and ingredients, but also to present you with a selection of modern and up to date aromas.

Keep an eye on the range and watch it grow as we continue to add to the Mr Smedley male grooming selections.

We always welcome your feedback and hope you enjoy the products as much as we do.