A beard can be very uncomfortable for some during the hot summer months

Helpful tips for keeping cool when you have a beard

  • Wash your beard every day to make sure you remove any beard ‘rubble’. You don’t want to add to the heat by not keeping it fresh and clear of any debris or sweat. Washing regularly will help to keep pores open, aiding in the skins natural cooling process.
  • Stay on top of your grooming routine, trim your beard shorter than normal. By keeping it a little shorter than usual allows the air to circulate around your face.
  • Beards can become very dry in the heat and this can cause irritation to the skin below. The application of a beard oil can often be very cooling on the skin and is a great way to keep your skin hydrated. By choosing a menthol or citrus based oil from our Mr Smedley beard oil range, you’ll feel the zingy, refreshing and clean effect on the skin under the beard. Leave woodier and warmer oils for the winter.
  • A beard acts as a natural sun blocker by protecting your skin from harmful UV rays and possible skin cancer.

So don’t be reaching for that razor or be tempted to shave your beard off just yet. No matter how hot the weather is outside, beards look cool all year!