Start your daily routine today.

A lot of us automatically assume that face cream or applying moisturising balm to our face is just for women. However, it’s just as important for men to apply a face cream or balm as it is for women. Even more so when you think that many men shave most days, scrapping their faces with a sharp blade!

Whether you are male or female, to have and keep your skin healthy, it is vital to moisturise on a regular basis. With winter on its way, now is a good time to start a regular routine with Mr Smedley’s moisturising shaving balm for the following reasons:

  • As part of your daily routine and to promote healthy skin, applying a moisturising balm will provide your skin with a healthy glow.
  • For those with dry or flaky skin a daily application of a moisturising product will keep flakes at bay, helping to create a smoother appearance. The moisturiser is absorbed into the skin, helping to soothe and ease any dry skin irritation and hydrate freshly shaved faces.
  • Hydrated skin has the added benefit of assisting you in fighting the signs of aging. The more hydrated your skin is the less likely you are to have wrinkles. Enough reason alone for some to start and maintain a daily skin regime!
  • Achieve a closer, smoother shave. Shaving can be more effective and less irritating when skin is well hydrated.
  • Applying a balm will act as a barrier and protection against the cold winter elements.

On average men don’t moisturise as much as women and rarely have a daily skin routine, that doesn’t mean you can’t start one. Act today by being prepared for the wild winds of winter and arm yourselves with a Mr Smedley moisturising balm.

Don’t forget, those with beards also need protection from the elements. You can find a selection of beard oils to help defend your whiskers and keep your skin underneath healthy to.