Irritating Beard Itch

For those of you who have tried or started to grow a beard you may soon notice after a few weeks it begins to itch a bit. Applying beard oil will help ease the irritation and discomfort. Not only that, the gentle aroma will stimulate your senses, your skin will feel softer and your whiskers will soften, adding a shiny healthy looking lustre.

The reason behind this itchiness is to do with what’s going on with your skin beneath your beard. We all have tiny glands in our skin called sebaceous glands; these glands produce what’s known as sebum oil. It’s this oil that keeps your beard moisturised and your skin soft.

Your beard grows in length however; the sebum production doesn’t change and will stay the same. The amount of oil you produce is no longer adequate for your growing beard. Therefore, both beard and skin dry out and can become itchy. So the help of beard oil is necessary to keep your skin and beard nourished and the itch under control.

Get Rid of Beardruff

If you don’t keep your skin moisturised while growing a beard, eventually your skin will start to become dry, itchy, irritated and you will be compelled to scratch it. Scratching will cause the skin to flake and you will notice ‘beardruff’ appearing. This is ultimately dandruff in your beard.

The application of beard oil will help you get through this stage, plus making beard oil a part of your daily routine will not only ease the itching but will keep your beard looking good. MR SMEDLEY has a range of beard oils in a variety of subtle aromas; all made from natural ingredients which won’t overpower your aftershave.

Beard Maintenance

Once you have got through the growing stage don’t stop applying beard oil. Daily application will help with beard maintenance.

If you’ve not used beard oil before regular application will tame those wild whiskers and make them feel much softer and easier to manage. You will be less prone to split ends or tangling, making it less likely to have to trim your beard very often. You’ll notice an overall improvement in the look and feel with follicles remaining healthy too.

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